• Are you looking to up level your Speaking game? 
  • Are you ready to learn a technique that you can rely on over and over again for crafting and delivering your big talk? 
  • Are you looking for a community of change makers who want to make the world a better place? 

Then, The Big Talk Academy is exactly what you are looking for.  


Here’s what you get when you join The Big Talk Academy:

The Big Talk Academy provides instruction, feedback, and a forum for testing your work—and a unique, failsafe approach that builds your talk from the inside out.

In this 12-week virtual intensive and certification program, I’ll teach you the skills you need to identify, write, and perform your Big Talk—and get it in front of the people who matter.

Laser-focused guidance on uncovering the right, most impactful idea for your next Big Talk. Whether it’s your first, second, or tenth talk, you’ll get the tools and resources you need to hone in on the most effective elements of your story and message.

Step-by-step guidance in writing and delivering a powerful talk that speaks to the heart of your ideal audience and inspires action—so you walk on stage with rock-solid confidence. No more second-guessing, figuring it out on your own, or throwing spaghetti on the wall to see what sticks.

The opportunity to “stress-test” your talk, speak in front of an audience, vetting topics and approaches with an expert’s feedback and input from a circle of speakers with your same commitment to quality, heart, and purpose. No more practicing alone in a vacuum, wondering how the real audience will respond.

The real deal on how to masterfully pitch your talk (and future talks) to organizers, editors, and producers. Learn the difference between a Keynote versus a TEDx talk—and how to write both.

Mastery over fear and self-doubt, and the confidence that captivates your audience, by mastering the art of performance, your energy, and rehearsal techniques (including memorization!)—so you always feel prepared when it comes to taking the stage.

Your unforgettable, signature talk, ready to deliver if you were asked to speak the day after you’re certified. That’s how prepared you’ll be.

I have worked with thousands of speakers and thought leaders who are making a difference in the world. I know you have something important to say and it’s time to say it.  

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Why me, Tricia Brouk

As an international award-winning director and Executive Producer of events like Speakers Who Dare and TEDxLincolnSquare and The Big Talk Live, I produce the highest caliber speaker. In less than 3 years I’ve put 50+ speakers onto 15+ TEDx stages, 14 of whom went on to the TED.com main stage. Nine of those are taking the TEDxFarmingdale stage in 2020.

I help people hone their transformational talk for greatest impact, and get them on the world’s most influential stages—so their story can heal and inspire millions of people.

You have a powerful, world-changing story to tell. And I can help you be heard.

As seen in


The world needs your voice,
your story, more than ever.

Don’t keep your audience waiting any longer for your Big Talk.

Claim your spot on the world’s most influential stages.

And create, deliver, and pitch the Big Talk you know will change the world.

Take your place among a global community of thought leaders.

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I have done multiple speaker trainings and Tricia’s stands out in multiple ways. First of all, her approach is created from the inside out. Where other trainers start with looking at the audience and its needs, Tricia starts with excavating your wisdom, your unique and essential contribution that no one else can make. That provides the foundation of all subsequent work and means you are obviously completely aligned with your message and the talk you give. Tricia also takes very complex and nuanced material and simplifies it so it is easily implemented, and readily evoked in the months and years after learning it from her. Finally, Tricia listens with deep attention as you speak. The result is that she inspires while simultaneously solidifying the potency, relevancy, and courage of your message. Her transformational listening and coaching is deep, efficient, and thorough. No matter your current level of expertise as a speaker, Tricia will guide you to the next level!  

Alexandra Stockwell Relationship coach and speaker

Working with Tricia was unlike anything I have ever experience. Her method and process allowed me to tap into areas of me, that I was previously unable to articulate. This unique process is allowed me to cut through any fear, any doubt, or any arrogance that I possessed and tap into that part of me, that at first I did not want to. The result, of course changed my approach to writing, and speaking, and more importantly it impacted me. I don’t think it is too big a stretch to say my life has been impacted forever. If you know in your heart, there is something you have to share, and you are having any challenge in bringing it forth, Tricia is the person who without any doubt can support you to create that.  

Mike Shereck Author and speaker 

I came to Tricia with a list of random thoughts about what my next keynote could be. She helped me hone in on 'the big idea' hidden within my list. Her process was easy to implement and more importantly, repeatable. I've learned a method I'll be able to use again and again. In fact, I'm already working on my 2nd talk using the process!  

Carol Lempert Leadership coach, actor and speaker  

Working with Tricia has enabled me to think about speaking in an entirely fresh way. Her methods in the art of the big talk changed my approach to writing and speaking. Being vulnerable and radically honest with the audience, creates powerful and memorable presentations. I will be applying this process in all my future talks.  

Jason Harris CEO, Mekanism

Miraculous life changing. And the best part is this community. You have assembled a transformative force for good.

Tracey Wik Speaker and Activist 

Tricia has helped me go from feeling like an amateur to “hell yeah, I’m good at this!” She is SO FANTASTIC at what she does. If you have the opportunity to work with her in any capacity, consider yourself lucky ❤️

Theresa Nguyen Speaker and Founder of More Time More You

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